Types of Screen Doors for the Home


When it comes to screen doors, there are a surprising amount of styles to choose from. From your basic metal classic screen to more versatile versions, learn all about the types of screen doors that are available to you so you can choose the best one for your needs.

Decorative screen doors

All screen doors do the same thing—keep bugs out while letting cool breezes and the sunshine in. However, if you are interested in more than just a plain metal screen door, you can get decorative versions instead that add appeal to your home.

Wooden screen doors can be engraved with ornate designs (such as flowers and waves), and can be purchased in a variety of stylish woods. Mahogany and oak are common mediums for decorative screen doors, and average upwards of $300.

If wooden decorative doors are outside your budget, you can choose different colors of decorative screen doors in cheaper metal and plastic varieties. In the event of screen door repair, these doors are easy to remove so work can be performed on them, and replace back on their hinges easily.

Security screen doors

If you live in a warmer climate where you will have your main doors open to the public often, security screen doors may be a great option for you. These screens allow you to see out, but people cannot see in. This gives you privacy while you are able to enjoy the cool breeze of nature.The screen itself is often made of metal rather than mesh, for added protection.These doors are also made of aluminum or steel, and have decorated bars placed throughout to help you feel safe even with your main door open.

If you choose to add a security screen door to your home, you may be able to reduce your home insurance premium as a result. This helps make security screen doors a great option for you.

Sliding screen doors

If you have a back patio or porch and would like to bring in more sunlight, then sliding screen doors are a fabulous option. These doors typically slide to the left and contain two large window panels, allowing a lot of light into your kitchen, dining, or casual areas. With the screen firmly in place, you can enjoy the breeze and fresh scents of your backyard without having to worry about bugs or other animals getting in.

Screen door repair on sliding screen doors is common, since these doors are used frequently by people to access to and from their backyard and can be kicked off their hinges or get things stuck in the sliding wheels. A technician such as Suburban Glass & Mirror Limited can keep your sliding screen doors in smooth working order so you can enjoy them for several years in your home.

Screen doors are versatile and wonderful additions to any home. Explore the different types of these doors available for your home, and you can choose the right style and decor for you.


2 October 2014

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