Did Someone Smash Out Your Sliding Door? Make Sure It Doesn't Happen Again


If you worry that your house is a target for crime and you've had your sliding glass doors shattered, it's time to make sure this doesn't happen again. The sliding glass doors on a house can be vulnerable because they are a fast way for the intruder to get in from the ground.

When repairing the door, you have to be smart so it isn't easy for someone to try to repeat their previous method of entry. Here are some things to consider.

Get No-Looking Glass

No-looking glass is glass that you will be able to see out of from inside your home, but anyone outside the house can't see in. This means if someone is walking around your home and they stop near the sliding glass door, they will only be able to see their reflection and they won't be able to see a single thing inside the house. This is a great protective option, and it allows you to watch what is going on outside without being noticed.

Increase the Thickness

When the glass is replaced, be sure to ask for glass that is thicker, and aim for one solid piece instead of two thinner pieces. This will be more difficult for someone to break with any type of tool, and if the person has to make multiple attempts to try to break the glass, it's less likely that they will go unnoticed. The thicker glass will also help with energy efficiency throughout the house.

Add Motion Lighting

Add motion lighting around the property so anyone walking up to the house or to the sliding glass door will trigger the light. The light will come on and shine on the potential intruder so they know that they have been noticed, and this may signal you to wake up, or it could draw the attention of a neighbor.

These are just a few of the things you can do to make sure that someone doesn't try to break in through your sliding glass door again, and to reduce the likelihood that it could happen again. Talk with local glass repair professionals, such as those at Sarnia Glass Ltd, when they come to look at the door to see if you need to replace the frame and lock as well. With these safety and security measures, you'll feel more confident that your house isn't a good target for unwanted people who want to get inside. 


2 February 2016

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