3 Ideas For Making Use Of Old House Windows


If you have finally decided that now is the time to upgrade your home with window replacement, you will want to think of the various things that you can do with your old window. Throwing them out with the trash just seems like so much waste. To help with this, you can take a few moments to review the following suggestions. Custom Chalkboard While this can work with any type of residential window, the smaller the better.

12 October 2015

Your Pet's Patch of Sunshine May Be a Risk to Its Health


Seeing a pet snoozing near a window in a puddle of sunshine is one of the joys of being a pet owner. However, napping in the sun can be dangerous for your pet, even though it is indoors. If you want your pet to live the longest, healthiest life it can, this guide will explain the sun exposure dangers and how you can protect them. UV and Skin Damage Pets, like humans, are at a risk for becoming sunburned.

31 August 2015